Tonight's Love Island Teaser Could Spell The End Of Michael And Amber

Tonight's Love Island Teaser Could Spell The End Of Michael And Amber

Shit is about to hit the fan!

What is love? Is it real or just some cruel trick the world plays on all of us? For many, the romance between Michael and Amber, and Curtis and Amy on this year's Love Island had restored our faith in the concept but, folks, if tonight's teaser is to be believed then love is dead! Dead, I tell you!

With the original contestants separated and getting to know the new batch of girls and guys, relationships are strained and it looks like the two power couples of the villa could be meeting their end.

In particular Michael's head seems to have been completely turned, with him telling new girl Joanna, ""Over the past two day I've been able to be myself, and I like to say if I've got a problem and I feel like I can say that with you, like if I had something to say to you I could say it, where as I don't feel the same when I speak to Amber."

Poor Amber, on the otherhand, is shown to be keeping her loyalty to her beau.

Meanwhile, Amy is anxious about the fate of her relationship and so she should be because Curtis, the silly bollix, is getting his head turned. After telling Jourdan he wants to get to know her, Curtis goes to the diary room or whatever the hell they call it, to express his thoughts:


"Me and Amy are good, I can see a future with her and I enjoy spending time with her and everything, but why am I having doubts?"

Take a look at the full teaser below:

Tonight's Love Island Teaser

Mark Farrelly

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