Twitter Is Convinced Love Island's Fixed As Contestants Met Before

Twitter Is Convinced Love Island's Fixed As Contestants Met Before

A reality show as popular as Love Island is bound to have a few tricks up its sleeve. With that being said, fans aren't happy with how the show has been navigating its latest episodes.

After Samira's emotional exit from the villa last night, it was clear that she and Frankie, a fitness instructor, had a much more serious relationship than the public were led to believe. In an interview with The Sun, Frankie quipped about getting more airtime since he left.

He told The Sun: 'We probably didn’t get as much airtime as our relationship deserved. But from what people have seen it seems to have been all positive. I’ve actually got more air time since leaving the villa.

Unbeknownst to fans of the show, Frankie and Samira had a night in the hideaway that was never mentioned or aired: "It’s weird for me because obviously, it’s a big thing for everyone in the villa. Everyone was cheering us into the hideaway, everyone was happy for us." Fans have been reacting to the interview on Twitter:



The pair had grown so close Frankie asked Samira would she like to pop over for tea:


Not only has Samira and Frankie's practically invisible relationship raised a few eyebrows, contestants Megan and Alexandria know each other. The pair worked together on a Giggs music video for the rappers 'Lock Doh' track.

Bizarrely, Zara can also be seen in the music video. So, did Love Island producers contact the same model agency or?


The producers have not aired Megan and Alexandria's reaction to knowing each other and have, thus far, it looks like the pair have avoided the conversation. After Frankie's interview was published, Love Island released a statement to clarify that "the show is not a fix". The show has said in the past that the producers don't show every hideaway.

Frankie is expected to ask Samira to be his girlfriend so not all is lost for the couple. Check out Megan and Alexandria's kiss-off in Gigg's video:

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