Twitter Is Reacting To Last Night's Love Island In The Shadiest Of Ways

Twitter Is Reacting To Last Night's Love Island In The Shadiest Of Ways

Last night's Love Island was so dramatic it gave real drama, the Shakespearean kind, a run for its money. Although some teenagers might wish it was part of the school curriculum, a summation of the events of the current season might be a strenuous and, frankly, complex task.

There's been so much bed-hopping we're hoping a chiropractor is on hand to sort out any future back issues, but last night's spoon between Wes and Meghan left the whole villa rattled. Laura, who up until this point has been Wes' everything, told the pair to "f*ck off" and rightly so.

The drama revved up a notch when Adam's new squeeze Zara was dumped from the show alongside Eyal. With a swarm of new villa mates arriving tonight, we can only imagine what's going to happen next. One thing is certain, fans of the show will continue to serve us some juicy tweets:

We're not here to slut shame nobody, including Megan, but the truth from this girl's Mam is on point:

Fans are hoping now that Zara's gone, Adam is free to stir the pot and we're all here for it:


We can feel the burn from over here:

Dani is sitting pretty, just like that bet we put on her and Jack to win Love Island:


Adam was so devastated about Zara being dumped from the villa he temporarily turned deaf:

We're sure he'll find some unfortunate soul to keep his time in the villa busy:


'Cause if anything, Adam is honest to himself:

Love or hate him, Eyal reminded us all of somebody that we used to  know:

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