Unfunny People Prepare To Quote Anchorman For Another Decade

With the release of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues , unfunny people who can't think of anything humorous to say announced that they will be quoting the movie franchise for yet another decade.

Since its predecessor launched in 2004, the incredibly funny film has been hijacked by incredibly unfunny people to replace their absence of wit or humorous insight. The sequel is set to prolong people's refusal to acknowledge that they are not Will Ferrell, and do not possess his comedic talents.


“It's kind of a big deal,” said unfunny man Brian Lafferty for the 51st time today.“Although I'm not funny myself, I enjoy ruining funny films for everyone else. We've basically milked the first movie dry, so the sequel should last us up until 2024.”



Unfunny people are also being told to ignore criticism from annoyed friends and relatives, despite the severe boutes of nausea being inflicting upon them.

“When I first started quoting Anchorman on an hourly basis in 2005, I remember thinking: well that escalated quickly!”-one man joked despite this becoming unfunny after the 500th time.


“Milk was a bad choice,” he added despite there being no milk and making no sense whatsoever.

Also in the pipeline for unfunny people are t-shirts saying 'Keep Calm And Quote Anchorman' and 'Carlsberg Don't Do Anchorman Quotes' to satisfy the renewed appetite in overly quoting the movies.

David Keenan
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D.I.T and N.U.I.M graduate, socially retarded but a nice lad nonetheless

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