Watch: Love Island Trailer Shows Things Kicking Off All Because Of Maura

Watch: Love Island Trailer Shows Things Kicking Off All Because Of Maura

Well, shit has well and truly hit the fan since new girl Maura entered the Love Island villa. We were first introduced to Maura from Longford and her sexual innuendo in last night's episode. Maura and Elma, an eyelash technician from Essex, chose three men for a date, one to cook each of their three-course meals. Maura chose Tommy, Danny and Michael for her date. As the two girls had their dates, the rest of the girls watched from the balcony and made bitchy remarks. In the sly tactic to play the girls off against each other, the producers have set the scene for the epic fallout in tonight's episode as the dates continue.

Here's a sneak peek of what we can expect:

So Tommy who previously said Queen Bey herself couldn't turn his head admits that the Irish model has not just turned his head but turned his head 560 degrees. Needless to say, Molly-Mae is not happy. In the teaser, Molly-Mae is furious with Tommy saying she wants "a boy in her life that literally, worships the ground that she walks on". Alright Molly-Mae, easy to see why you're still single. Anton is quick to call her out for keeping her options open and pursuing other boys in the villa while coupled up with Danny.


The teaser also shows Maura has also ruffled some feathers between Michael and Amber's 'budding' romance. Fair play to Michael for calling out Amber on her "childish" behaviour, it's about time someone did. All round this teaser footage for tonight's episode paints the girls in a very bad light. I sympathise with Maura for walking into that shitshow. It also makes for uncomfortable viewing showing female relationships as tearing each other down. I suppose there wouldn't be great ratings if people were just nice to each other.

Uncomfortable viewing or not, I'm gripped. The drama kicks off tonight at 9 pm.

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