Watch: Is 'Owl In The Sitting Room' The New 'Bat In The Kitchen'

Watch: Is 'Owl In The Sitting Room' The New 'Bat In The Kitchen'

Human history is littered with tales of obsolescence and supersession; one thing becoming old and staid only to be replaced by something newer and better. Tractors replacing horses in agriculture; antibiotics replacing home remedies in medicine, and Rob Brydon replacing Angus Deyton as the host of Would I Lie To You, it is a well-trodden path of the new replacing the old.

Well, as I've always said, what is true for the world of antibiotics is true for the world of viral videos, and I thank god that I'm finally being vindicated for that folly of a comparison that I've needlessly stuck to for so long. Remember that viral video of a bat making an utter nuisance of itself in a Kerry family's kitchen? Well, it has been superseded, its successor is here, 'Owl In The Sitting Room'.

What is this video I hear you ask? Well, if the name I have attributed it hasn't given you an inkling as to what might be contained in the video, then frankly I think you may lack the basic cognitive function to fully comprehend the video.

In short. It's a video of an owl. An owl that has intruded upon a man's home, and this man is anything but pleased with this situation. So, he has sourced some sort of improvised owl perch with a telescopic handle to slowly manoeuvre the feathery bellend, like some shit on a shovel, out the window. It's captivating.


Drink in its majesty. Farewell bat video, you served us well, but we have moved on.

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Rory McNab

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