Westlife Are To Play Croke Park Next Summer, According To Reports

Westlife Are To Play Croke Park Next Summer, According To Reports

Cancel your plans. Any provisional ideas you may have had about what summer 2019 will entail, you must pack them away, for everything has changed. Look your partner in the eye and tell them, tell them that circumstances have changed, that it is now simply untenable for you to commit to the holiday the two of you have already booked together - to travel round France visiting some of the significant places of interest from the life of Louis Pasteur - that you must cancel everything as Westlife may, possibly, perhaps be performing in Croke Park this summer and it would simply be remiss of you to miss it.

The Irish Sun have revealed that a concert in Croke Park, for next summer, is being planned by the boyband. It was announced over the weekend that Westlife are planning a comeback without original member Brian McFadden and that there would be a new album comprising songs co-authored with Ed Sheeran.

There had initially been plans for there to be a television documentary accompanying the announcement of the boyband's reforming, however, there was insufficient time to plan filming before the announcement of the proposed concerts next summer so the project was abandoned.


Westlife's last performance in Croke Park was their farewell concert in 2012.

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