What To Watch This Weekend: Maniac Begins On Netflix

What To Watch This Weekend: Maniac Begins On Netflix

If you're planning to lie low this weekend we've so found so perfect gems to tide you over. From Netflix to dancing celebrities, here's what to binge watch this weekend:

Friday, September 21


Where: Netflix

When Netflix announced a mini-series starring Jonah Hill and Oscar winners Emma Stone and Sally Fields back in 2017 the internet lost its mind. Finally, this week we have Maniac in our grasps.

Released this Friday, September 21, Maniac delves into the world of Annie (Emma Stone) and Owen (Jonah Hill), participants of a pharmaceutical trial. The trial promises to repair broken hearts and erase mental illness with absolutely no side effects whatsoever. While we're not sure how Black Mirror Maniac will become, we'll no doubt jump into the territory of artificial intelligence, eugenics, and human morality which is always a popular topic of conversation.


Saturday, September 22

Strictly Come Dancing 

Where: BBC One

What time: 6.15 pm

After a year away Strictly returns to our screens with a new batch of well-known faces performing the foxtrot, the waltz, the tango, and the cha-cha-cha.


This year model Katie Piper, Susannah Constantine from reality show Trinny and Susannah and singer Lee Ryan will be just some of the celebrities dancing for their chosen charities.

With stars like Caroline Flack and Alexandra Burke rejuvenating their careers after appearing on Strictly and with love triangles to beat the band, we can't wait to see what 2018 brings.

Sunday, September 23

Attenborough at 90 


When: RTÉ

What time: 7.30 pm

The godfather of TV turned 90 two years ago so it's only appropriate that the BBC celebrate the man who narrates the natural wonders of the world with a documentary and behind the scenes look at his life.

It's the perfect watch if you're looking to escape the reality of the weekend or if you cannot stand weekend reality shows like The X Factor.

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