Zayn Malik Has Revealed Who His New Single Is Really About & We Love It

Zayn's new song 'Like I Would' has been on repeat for us since it dropped. It's so freaking catchy, it just makes us want to move. It's all great beats and sensual lyrics that would make a girl fall in love.


Well we've been trying to figure out who this song is about for the past few days... Is it an ode to his ex-fiancee Perrie Edwards? Or is about some sort of unrequited love he went through in the past? The lyrics are so fraught with feeling that we just can't help but be intrigued.

"He, won't touch you like I do/He, won't love you like I would/He don't know your body/He don't do you right/He won't love you like I would/Love you like I would."


I mean what self-respecting female wouldn't want Zayn Malik to write that about them?! Zayn could clearly tell that we were all wondering who his muse was, and took to twitter to give us an answer. In one tweet, we found out everything we needed to know.



Gigi Hadid is one seriously lucky lady.


Isabelle Riggins

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