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9 Things Guys Do Subconsciously When They Fancy You

Body language is one of those things that you can apparently learn to pick up on like Sherlock Holmes, or some are born naturally observant. Whether you know it or not when you talk to someone you are sending off non verbal signals to them. The following is a list of things to watch out for to see if a guy is interested in you.


1. Rapidly Blink

If they're batting their eyes at you a weird amount it's because they're brain just can't handle how good you look, and are about to fall into a seizure and an ambulance is needed. The faster they blink the more they like you.

2. Their Voice Gets Higher

When we talk to someone we fancy our voices go to a higher pitch. If the person you are talking to sounds like nails on a chalkboard, they're madly in love with you and you may need to tone things down with them. The perfect pitch to know he is interested is when the neighbourhood dogs start barking when he talks.

3. Talk Slower And With Emphasis


We are natural born story tellers and women love stories, so when we speak we instinctively slow our speech so you can fully appreciate our words. It also allows us more time to think about the next word because we need to. When you are talking to us our responses become drawn out, ie "Whaaaaaaaaat? That....bitch." (while very high pitched) and we enunciate the letters more because it shows we are in fact very interested.

4. Mirroring

Mirroring is something that can only be done subconsciously because it's painfully obvious when they do it on purpose. Mirroring is when they copy the movements that you do, as it makes them seem relatable in your head, along with establishing an equal stance. You cross your arms in disinterest, so do they. This is exactly why we find mirrors so damned irresistible and can't help but stare for hours at a time at it. It's also why you find clowns and mimes are so sexy after they imitate you.

5. Constantly Fixing Their Appearance

They probably realise they're doing it but by the time they do it's already too late. Nothing says sexy, open and interested like when he licks his hand and flattens his hair.

6. Very Quickly Checking You Out


At any given opportunity where he thinks you aren't looking he will check you out. Sometimes even when you are talking to him or when he's talking, he will quickly glance at you. Men naturally have a short attention span and somehow think that they are subtle and that you don't notice it.

7. Touching His Face

Hopefully only his face. It's the bodies reaction to our levels of sensitivity rising and convey's nervousness. Apparently it's the body signaling that they are open for a kiss too. If, while you are speaking, he is slowly dragging his hand down his face or fingering his mouth it means they are comfortable around you and are very interested in romancing you.

8. Posture

A man will instinctively stand as straight as he can when he sees someone he likes because nothing says sexy like a straight back.

9. Flexing

Even if he doesn't realise it he will puff out his chest and quickly flex his muscles while you talk in the hopes that you pick up on those sick gains. Again because men believe they are subtle.

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