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11 Signs That Your Best Friend Fancies You

11 Signs That Your Best Friend Fancies You

It's not always easy to spot the signs that your best friend in the entire world might actually be more than just your friend. Is that extra long hug an embrace of friendship or the sign of a romantic beginning?. Tricky times call for tricky measures. Can you imagine having your best friend become your boyfriend/girlfriend? I mean, if anything, that's incredibly handy!  Here are some signs that you might be missing that your best friend fancies you:

1.The eye contact

You'll notice that glint in their eyes as they talk to you, the eye contact from across the room and the random staring at you when you're not looking.

2. The get upset when you start dating someone

They'll suddenly be very curious about that person you're texting and if they know them they'll be sharing all their faults with you. Jealousy is the most obvious of the deadly sins in this case.

3. The body language


You might notice the casual flirtatious touching or the lengthy embraces. They might mirror your movements which is a sure sign someone is interested.

4. They'll random text you about anything and everything and won't let the conversation die

The conversation will never go dry. They'll text you about the random jokes you share or a TV they think you'd like. If they're your best mate though you could talk until the cows come home and it's completely natural.

5. They'll smile whenever your name is mentioned

Not only that, but they'll be casually dropping compliments about you, will want to make you smile, laugh or cheer you up. Again, a lot of these things are normal friend behaviour but you'll notice an increase.


6. They'll always want to spend time alone with you

Need I say more...

7. They go out of their way to hang out with you

They'd drop their own Mam to spend half an hour with you #sweatinforya

8. They prioritise you over their girlfriend/boyfriend


If they are dating someone else and you feel like you're dating them instead then the chances are you probably should be.

9. They'll always look great around you

You'll notice they spend extra time on their appearance when they're around you. Again, they might just want to feel damn fine about themselves and not particularly be doing it for anyone else other than themselves. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

10. They'll share their emotions with you

We all cry on our friend's shoulder but if they only want to talk to you and "cuddle" you that's definitely a sign they need more.


11. They'll ask the question: "Are we just friends?"

This is a deal breaker. If you feel the same you should let them know now or forever hold your silence! If you don't feel the same way let them down gently and promise things will never change. It's a tricky situation but any real friendship can iron out their issues.

If anything, don't read into signs too much. You don't want to ruin a friendship over mixed signals. A friendship is just as important as a romantic interest y'all.


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