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Sláinte! Draught Guinness Is Now Vegan Friendly

Sláinte! Draught Guinness Is Now Vegan Friendly

I think it's no surprise to learn there's been a vegan revolution of sorts over the past 3 years. You'll find almond or soy milk in most coffee shops, see people like the Happy Pear twins rocking Toms and health food stores popping up almost everywhere.

However, most drink companies haven't been obliging for the growing number of plant-based eaters until now. Guinness are officially changing their filtration process to make a pint of the black stuff vegan-friendly. Normally, Guinness is filtered through with isinglass, which is made from fish bladders, which obviously means it was a no go for vegans.

According to PETA, right now the new filtration system is concentrated on Guinness draught in kegs. This means that from now on all Guinness produced from kegs at St. James's Gate will now be completely isinglass free. If you think that's great, by the end of the year the company have announced that all Guinness products will be completely vegan.

Some hardcore Guinness fans are worried that changing the filtration process could affect the taste of the famous drink. Do you think it's more important to have the drink cruelty-free or have it rolled out the way it's been produced for hundreds of years?

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