Almost 1,000 Students Have Gathered In Dublin For The Repeal March

Almost 1,000 Students Have Gathered In Dublin For The Repeal March

The 6th Annual March for Choice is taking place in Dublin today, with similar marches taking place around Ireland and the world.

The march is to advocate for women's rights and for greater bodily autonomy surrounding abortion, a cause which has united thousands of people around the country and which has been taken to heart in particular by students. With the Citizens Assembly having announced last week that a referendum regarding the 8th Amendment, the section of the constitution concerning abortion, will take place in 2018, most likely around May. This marks a huge step forward for the Repeal Movement and one which has only become possible thanks to the incredible advocacy and support that the movement has garnered from all sections of Irish society over the past few years.

The University Times reports that close to 1,000 students have gathered in Trinity College Dublin to join the march, which takes place from 2pm to 5pm today. Such a strong showing from students, with delegates from Student Unions around the country including, NUIG, WIT and DCU, shows how important an issue this is for students.

Despite the fact that a referendum has been announced, the particulars of it have yet to be decided, with no wording announced for what changes will be sought to be made to the constitution. As such, even with the significant progress that has been made on the issue, the march today is driving for the full liberalisation of abortion and access to abortion in Ireland.


A link to the event can be found here. Enjoy your marching!

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Rory McNab

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