Watch: Conor McGregor's Court Appearance Was Certainly Interesting

Watch: Conor McGregor's Court Appearance Was Certainly Interesting

Conor McGregor was fined €400 at Blanchardstown District Court on Thursday afternoon after he eventually turned up to face a speeding charge.

The case had already been adjourned twice this month and was put back to this afternoon after McGregor failed to show this morning.

Judge Miriam Walsh said early on Thursday that if McGregor wanted to offer mitigating circumstances in the case, he would have to be there in person. After being contacted by his solicitor Graham Kenny, McGregor appeared before a "very annoyed" Judge Walsh.

According to RTÉ crime correspondent Paul Reynolds, McGregor "arrived in rather dramatic fashion in a two-door BMW sportscar which he abandoned outside the building."

Apparently, there was then a discussion about McGregor's car being clamped. However, Gardaí decided against it.

During the proceedings, the judge asked McGregor how much he earns, adding that he was not to tell her that he had made €110 million in one day this year. To laughter in the court, McGregor replied that it was €140 million which he had made from the fight against Floyd Mayweather.

To more amusement in the court, the 29-year-old was told by the judge that he could pay the €400 fine by instalment if he wishes.


Before he departed the courtroom, McGregor apologised for speeding. He also addressed reports regarding possible threats to his life owing to an altercation in a Dublin pub over the weekend.

"As he walked out, he dismissed reports about threats to his life. He got into his sportscar, which he described as "What a motor!" and drove off," observed Paul Reynolds.


McGregor later made a reference to Martin Cahill in an Instagram post regarding his court visit.

Respect to Martin they hassled the bollox out of him as well hahah

A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on

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