Everybody Should Be Striking on March the 8th #wewontwait

Everybody Should Be Striking on March the 8th #wewontwait

The Dublin repeal strike will be happening in March. The non-activist group Strike4Repeal is a collection of pro-choice activists that are non-affiliated with any organisation. The collective are pressurising the government, who have further delayed a referendum on the Eight Amendment with a citizen's assembly, to call for a referendum or face a national strike.

The plan is that on the 8th of March at 12 o' clock students there will be a mass exodus from universities and workplaces. Aungier Danger, Bang Bang café and Nine Crow Street are just some of the businesses across Dublin that will be shutting down for the day. The main aim of the strike is to show solidarity with women across the land who do not have access to abortion. If you cannot strike then show solidarity by taking the day off, wear black and don't do domestic work.

If you're striking in Dublin City Centre remember to gather at O' Connell Bridge for 12.30 or picket at the Department of an Taoiseach or Department of Justice at 10.30 am.

It's what everybody should be doing on March the 8th.


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