Irish Professor From Trinity College Dublin Reported Missing On Everest

Irish Professor From Trinity College Dublin Reported Missing On Everest

Seamus Lawless, a professor in computer sciences in Trinity College Dublin, has gone missing following an accident on an expedition on Mt. Everest.

The 39 year-old mountaineer, from Bray, was reported missing having successfully reaching the summit of the mountain. According to The Irish Times, during the descent of the eight-person climbing team, Mr. Lawless was seen to fall from a ledge at an altitude of some 8,300m.

The accident reportedly occurred on a part of the mountain labeled 'the balcony'. The expedition was being led by a professional climber from Co. Down named Noel Hanna. Mr. Lawless' efforts to climb Everest were as part of a charity drive to raise some €25,000 for Barretstown, a charity which supports ill children and their families.

Speaking to The Irish Times, a spokesperson for Trinity College Dublin said;


“Seamus and his family are in our thoughts during this extremely distressing time.

“This morning his family, friends and colleagues shared his joy on reaching the peak of Mount Everest,” the spokeswoman added.

“We hope that Seamus is found safely as soon as possible and until then we will be offering any support we can to his family.”

Early this morning, a Twitter page called 'Ireland on Everest' shared a photograph of members of the team with the caption 'We did it!' declaring the successful ascent to Everest's peak by the team.

The other climbers in the team have apparently descended to Camp Four - one of the main camps along the trail to Everest's peak. It is reported that a team of Sherpas are out looking for the missing Mr. Lawless.

Rory McNab

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