A Genius Pranked Katie Hopkins And It's Truly Brilliant

A Genius Pranked Katie Hopkins And It's Truly Brilliant

Everyone remembers receiving a prank phone call at some stage in their lives but this is truly remarkable.

Facebook user Heydon Prowse posted a video where he records pranking the infamous Katie Hopkins. Hopkins, who is often referred to as a 'troll' for her social media comments and invective journalism, is publicly known for her extreme right-wing views.

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant had to leave her phone in show on the radio station LBC after listeners complained of Islamophobic language Hopkins used in a tweet. Katie used the words "final solution" with regards to the Muslim population of the UK after the Manchester bombings in May of this year.

Prowse decided to prank Hopkins about the possibility of being a judge for the fictional Miss Brexit Beauty Pageant. Prowse pretended to be an executive of events for an unnamed company and introduced the idea of being a judge to Hopkins. Hopkins seemed enamoured with the idea of the Miss Brexit pageant and less than a minute into the conversation agreed to take part. Though, given the fact that she also recently had her contract with the Daily Mail terminated, one can imagine she's not in a position to be too fussy when it comes to paid media work.

Listen to the full hilarious conversation below:


If it's any consolation, Katie, you would've been perfect for the role!

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