Leaving Cert "Crushes Creativity", According To New Study

Leaving Cert "Crushes Creativity", According To New Study

A right of passage for secondary students hoping to access third-level education, the Leaving Cert has once again come under fire.

According to a new report by the Economic and Social Research Institute, the pressure of the Leaving Cert causes young students to experience burnout and  stress and is creatively stifling.

Speaking to over 40 secondary schools parents and students, the ESRI uncovered that students felt the Leaving Cert "crushed their creativity" and only rewarded students on their ability to regurgitate information onto a page.

Teachers reported that time pressure results in their practice becoming about "teaching the test" which they felt had a negative impact on students' motivation and stress levels.

Discussing with students what changes could be made to the system to improve their experience,  the ESRI discovered that students wanted a greater choice of subjects that suited their abilities and to study fewer subjects.


The report's findings will inform the National Council for Curriculum and Assessments review of senior cycle education.

H/T: The Irish Times

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