Leaving Cert Students React To The Home Economics Paper

Leaving Cert Students React To The Home Economics Paper

For the majority of students, they can take a breather after English paper one and reflect on what Twitter users are describing as a "nice" paper. Some students aren't as fortunate and have to go straight into another exam, Home Economics. Historically known as the subject that churns out guides to becoming a housewife, this year's paper was described as 'up to date' and 'topical'.  We've come a long way from the Home Economic books in the 1950s that included tips for married women on how to treat their men.

Similar to this morning English paper one, students reacted positively to the Home Economics paper.

Some students vented their frustrations on Twitter that some of the topics they had studied for didn't come up. Where was the protein?!



The lack of protein led to frustrations for many.

Tomorrow the Engineering paper is in the morning and the much anticipated English paper two in the afternoon. I really hope Sylvia Plath comes for you Leaving Cert students out there.

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Deirdre Kelly

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