85-Year-Old Man To Marry Best Friend In Order To Avoid The Taxman

85-Year-Old Man To Marry Best Friend In Order To Avoid The Taxman

An 85-year-old man is set to marry his best friend in order to avoid inheritance tax when he leaves his possessions including his house to him.

Speaking on Joe Duffy 'Matt' said he was getting married 'unofficially' and that the 'arrangement was a business thing'. Matt is clearly a hopeless romantic.

When asked by Joe why he was marrying his best friend, Matt replied, "Because he'll be part of my life when I die and whatever I have in my home he can have without any problems.

He is set to wed his best friend of 29 years, Michael O'Sullivan, even though neither of the men are gay.

Matt has never been married before whereas Michael is divorced and has two children.


The husband to be Michael O'Sullivan was also on the show speaking to Joe about the upcoming ceremony. He said that because of tax laws it wouldn't make economic sense as "because of tax reasons I'd have to pay half of that to the government".

The two were set to tie the knot this month in a private ceremony in Tippearary but had to call it off due to the adverse weather conditions.

Do you know any friends that would go to these lengths to avoid the taxman?

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