An Irish University Just Got A Cosy Upgrade And We're 100% Jealous

An Irish University Just Got A Cosy Upgrade And We're 100% Jealous

Past students of Maynooth University will be seething with jealousy over the latest upgrade to the colleges' library.

A new initiative has introduced Energy Pods, a first for MU library. Maynooth University is the first student library in Ireland to introduce the pods which will allow students to take well-deserved naps after endless hours of reading, studying and essay writing.

Maynooth students took to social media to express the joys of having access to the nap pods with some past students wishing they could return to try out the pods for themselves:


In 2017 the Maynooth Library Innovations award was given to Brian Crinion who created the concept of the Sleeping Pods in the library for through the campaign #ifstudentsdidlibraries. Crinion introduced the idea of the pods for commuting students who need a nap or alone time to recharge during their day. Crinion, whose innovation competed with six others, received a €1,000 prize from the awards panel.

The pods are being installed at the moment but if you keep an eye on the Maynooth Library Twitter they'll keep you updated on when the pods are going live.

Its been scientifically proven that a short nap of 20 - 30 minutes can increase alertness and improve performance and mood.We have one question though: can people hear you snore? We're asking for a friend.

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