There's Been An Amazing New Change To The J1 Programme

There's Been An Amazing New Change To The J1 Programme

Great news for anyone thinking of heading off to the States, as there have been more J1 visas issued by the U.S. Embassy this year.

This means that 2017 will be issuing 7000 visas in total, the same as it was in 2015. Last year was the first year where jobs had to be arranged before heading off to the States, and impacted the amount of people who head over.

A statement from the Embassy stated;

'The U.S. Embassy in Dublin is fully committed to the success of the J-1 programs in Ireland.  In addition to the popular Summer Work and Travel program, Irish students can participate in the Camp Counselor, Au Pair, and Intern programs.  The Embassy is working with Irish government representatives as well as U.S. and Irish program implementers to ensure Irish students continue to benefit from the J-1 programs.'

The J1 programme will be protected for another three years as an agreement was signed before Trump got into power. So it looks like Trump's plans to scrap the J1 are not going to be happening anytime soon.



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Ciara Finnegan

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