Legendary Footballer Gets Sex Workers To Take Over His Twitter Account

Legendary Footballer Gets Sex Workers To Take Over His Twitter Account

Football culture has earned itself a reputation as being quite impenetrably macho and, unfortunately, often openly misogynistic. While in recent years, there have been concerted efforts from clubs, players and fans alike to address these within football culture, it takes time for such deeply ingrained attitudes to change. A perhaps somewhat unexpected person has emerged at the forefront of this move, former Everton and England goalkeeper Neville Southall, his incredibly frank and honest use of Twitter has broken the mold for 'outspoken' figures in popular sport.

On Monday evening Southall, affectionately known as Big Nev, allowed sex workers' struggles to be aired through the organisation SWARMe on his popular Twitter page. Swarm, who's Twitter handle is @SexWorkHive, aim to have sex work decriminalised, highlighting the current imbalanced nature of laws surrounding sex work and how keeping it decriminalised endangers the lives of sex workers, many of whom are illegally trafficked into countries in Western Europe for the explicit purpose of prostitution:


Hotly debated, sex work is often seen as an illegitimate form of labour. Women, and men, choose sex work due to financial struggles or their migrant status which does not automatically grant undocumented citizens a work visa.

The former Everton goalie, who has amassed 130,000 followers on Twitter,  is expected to give publicity to more charities, disadvantaged minorities, and non-profit organisations over the coming weeks.

Southall supported Jeremy Corbyn during his run for British PM and is an advocate for LGBTQIA rights. Although Southall should be applauded for disrupting the status quo and stigma around sex work it will take a village to give a platform to traditionally silenced issues but it's a step in the right direction.

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