45% Of Students From This Irish College Have Had Serious Drunken Falls

45% Of Students From This Irish College Have Had Serious Drunken Falls

Question: can you ever party too hard? Answer: yes, yes you can, and if NUIG students are anything to go by, you should definitely carry first aid equipment next time you're on the lash.


According to the results from a new student survey, the lads and ladettes in the west are having a few too many drunken falls. And they aren't just a little stumble, these party-goers are getting some serious cuts, bruises, broken bones, concussions and even severed tendons. Ouch.

The survey conducted by NUI Galway occupational therapy student Sarah Rath found that 45% of participants reported that they required medical attention due to an alcohol-related injury.

A total of 127 students aged from 18-45 responded to the confidential survey, reports the Galway Independent, with most of the falls happening after a recent college ball and RAG Week.

But as they say, it's all fun and games til someone gets hurt, and alcohol-related injuries are no joke: some of the injuries students are getting require stitches, surgery and long-term rehabilitation. So next time you're drinking, be safe won't you?



Or as Ms Rath put it “If you can’t do your socialising, employment or can’t drive [because of a serious fall] – your mood will be reduced". And we can't have that.

Party on (safely)


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