What The New Public Sector Pay Deal Will Mean For Young Workers

What The New Public Sector Pay Deal Will Mean For Young Workers

There will be no change in pay for new recruits after a draft agreement of a public pay deal between the Government and the respective unions was reached in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The agreement means that young people coming into the public workforce will start out on less pay than their colleagues, with a process to examine this to be set up within 12 months of the start of the deal.

President of the Teachers' Union of Ireland Joanne Irwin said that was not enough, saying she was disappointed that the issue of new entrant pay had not been adequately addressed. ASTI General Secretary Kieran Christie also said that it was extremely disappointing.

New entrant pay has been a major issue for teachers since 2011, when austerity cuts meant new recruits were on much lower pay-scales than their colleagues.

The draft deal, which looks to extend the Lansdowne Road Agreement from the beginning of next year until the end of 2020, will see the wages of roughly 50,000 newer recruits who joined the workforce since 2013 rise by up to 10%.


In order for the draft deal to become official the various public sector unions will have to put it to a vote of their members.

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