Don't Tell Maria Bailey - Sophie's Swings Stay Secure

Don't Tell Maria Bailey - Sophie's Swings Stay Secure

There was widespread concern on Twitter today when pictures emerged of the infamous swings in Sophie's Bar being taken down. People were afraid that thanks to Maria Bailey's attempt at a lawsuit, that the swings would be permanently removed. In the build, to local elections, it emerged that Bailey had filed legal proceedings against the Dean Hotel after she fell from a swing.

People were quick to point out that the swings dubbed the 'Tinder Swing'  have become part of our heritage.

We even made it to full on crisis levels; someone made a petition


Thankfully Sophie's clarified the situation on Twitter today. The swings were temporarily removed for a private event. "We have no intention of removing the swings from Sophie's, don’t worry They’re back up and ready for you to swing into the weekend!"

Girls of South Dublin on Tinder can breathe easily. They can still do their photoshoots there.

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Joe O'Gorman

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