Christ, Storm Brian Has Brought Some Horrendous Flooding To Limerick

Christ, Storm Brian Has Brought Some Horrendous Flooding To Limerick

Move over binge-drinking; step aside GAA; lingering Catholic guilt, you can piss right off as Ireland has a new hobby; being absolutely pummelled by Atlantic storm-systems. Less than a week after ex-Hurricane Ophelia spread her gusty wares over the nation, Storm Brian has paid us a visit and is currently wreaking all sorts of ruckus in the South-West of the country.

Storm Brian made landfall - a word which I think prior to this week I used, if I'm being generous, maybe twice in my entire life - overnight in Munster. While it is expected to be a less powerful storm overall than Ophelia, it is still on the upper end of typical winter Atlantic storms. Gust speeds are expected to reach 130 km/h. This combined with the fact that the tides are currently at their strongest led to the River Shannon bursting its banks in Limerick leaving streets throughout the city flooded.

"But what about all that rain yesterday?" You might be thinking, "Surely that will have helped wash the tides away and alleviate the flooding somehow." I do not even begin to know where to begin with this statement, and you should be ashamed of yourself for thinking it a logical interjection. Needless to say it is wrong on almost every level, indeed yesterday's rain has very much compounded the issue and Met Éireann say they are expecting an added 50mm of rainfall from Brian.

Emergency services and the Defence Forces are currently taking steps to try prevent further flooding and control the extent of the flooding that has occurred.



Here are some relevant contact details if you're in any of the areas affected.

The storm will affect more and more of the country throughout the day. Stay safe y'all.

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Rory McNab

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