New 10-Storey Accommodation Proposed For UCC Students

New 10-Storey Accommodation Proposed For UCC Students

Students studying in Cork will be relieved to hear the news as the struggle to find accommodation continues...

The proposed new development will be at Victoria Cross, on the former site of the Crow's Nest bar. The accommodation will be eight to ten storeys high and will feature 255 beds.

It will be managed by the UCC’s student accommodation subsidiary. The proposed accommodation will house 255 student bed-spaces, ancillary student facilities, a health and wellness centre, a public café onto Victoria Cross and bicycle spaces.

The accommodation may be available in the very near future. UCC, which acquired the assembled Victoria Cross site from a private developer last year, is submitting the multimillion-euro project directly to An Bord Pleanála. The board ruled the accommodation qualified for rapid planning consideration.

If approved by An Bord Pleanála, the burned out Crow's Nest bar will be demolition alongside a number of terrace houses.The new project will join other student accommodation buildings bought by UCC. The Victoria Mills complex is nine storeys high and accommodates 300 students.


According to The Irish Examiner, UCC stated: “the proposed building will rejuvenate this important site, which has been derelict in recent years...this proposal seeks to address some of this demand in a high quality, purpose-built facility”. The close-to-campus student accommodation is part of UCC's strategic plan for 2017-2020

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