Irish Student Viciously Attacked In Car-Park By A Gang

Irish Student Viciously Attacked In Car-Park By A Gang

A mother has revealed that her son is lucky to be alive after being attacked outside a Supermacs in Limerick.

The student left his car to investigate an object thrown at it and was confronted by a group of up to 40 teenagers who gathered outside Supermacs and Funworld on the Ennis Road. The incident occurred at 9pm on April 14.

Speaking to The Limerick Leader, the mother revealed the harrowing circumstances of the attack which resulted in the man sustaining a fractured cheekbone and several broken ribs:

This wasn’t just one punch, It was kicks, they had him on the ground, he fell over and they started kicking him on the ground,” said his mother who added that but for the intervention of a member of the public who lay on top of him she believes her son would have been killed. She lied on top of him and she told the lads to stop. I don’t know who she is but she possibly saved his life

The student has had to postpone their exams due to his injuries. CCTV footage showed the gang of youths drinking and a number of other minor scuffles before the incident. The Supermacs owner John Lyons was shocked by the intimidation of the young gang.

There was a real gang mentality, the young lad got out of the car after it was damaged and they literally attacked him in a group. They could have killed this guy and that is the bottom line and people need to understand that

The culprits fled before Gardai arrived on the scene. Anyone with information about what happened is asked to contact either Henry Street or Mayorstone Park garda stations.

Gardaí are investigating the incident and so far no arrests have been made.

H/T: The Limerick Leader

Garret Farrell

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