Irish Students Set To March For Publicly Funded Education

Irish Students Set To March For Publicly Funded Education

Mark the 4th of October in your diaries, as that is the date when students all around Ireland will be marching in favour of publicly funded education and investment grants.

The march is being run by the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) as part of their 'Education Is' campaign:

'Education Is' is a USI campaign calling on the Irish government and the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Education and Skills to make a historic long-term decision and invest in the publicly-funded third level education model as outlined in the Cassells Report. USI know that income-contingent loan scheme is not a viable solution to third-level funding. This system will create a burden of €20,000+ debt on anyone who wishes to attend third-level education.

Following the introduction of income-contingent loans in Australia, UK, US and NZ, fee levels have consistently risen in real terms, i.e. at a rate greater than inflation;

The financial strain of carrying a debt to cover fees spans across all communities and groups including parents, children, staff and teachers – not just students.

Here is a video of Student Union heads on the issue:


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Eoin Lyons

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