Subjects That Got No Top Marks In 2018 Leaving Cert

Subjects That Got No Top Marks In 2018 Leaving Cert

With so many subjects that nobody failed, it’s only fair we talk about the subjects that no one received full marks on. With over 30 subjects to choose from and thousands of students taking the exam, there’s surely a few subjects that won’t see the light of an O1 or a H1. These subjects are the ones in which not one person received full marks in. Must’ve been a toughy!


Ordinary level Japanese

For the second year running, ordinary level Japanese examiners gave out no O1s to student studying the language for the Leaving Certificate. The majority of students who took the exam came out with at least an O3, or a O5. 6.7% of people failed the exam and 10% just about made it through with a H7. This exam consists of the paper as well as a listening exam. As a tricky enough language, it’s no surprise that students struggled to do well enough for a O1, but even having a grasp on the language is impressive enough for us!


Ordinary level Agricultural Science

Agricultural science, or Ag science, is popular enough as a subject, with a total of 7,780 students studying the course this year. 1,237 students opted for ordinary level Ag science for the Leaving Cert, in which none of them received top marks, an O1. The most popular mark for Ordinary level is an O6, which 27.6% of the students received. 0.6% of ordinary level students received the next best, an O2, 5.5% got an O3,15% got an O4, and 24.4% got an O5. The percentage of students who failed the course completely is 10.2%.



Ordinary level Italian

This year, 99 students opted for ordinary level Italian and 363 went for higher level. Higher level students faired pretty well with 10.2% achieving a H1 in the subject, but ordinary level students didn’t get on so well, with zero percent receiving the O1. The majority of students received an O5 (37.4% of them). 23.2% received an O4, and only 2% failed the course completed, gaining no points from the subject.


Even though no one received full marks in these exams, it's not the end of the world, and anything below it would still get you by. Maybe next year we'll see a boost!

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Grainne Sharkey

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