Breaking News: Enda Kenny Resigns As Fine Gael Leader

Breaking News: Enda Kenny Resigns As Fine Gael Leader

Enda Kenny has announced his resignation as Fine Gael leader in Trump-like fashion over on Twitter. He's the longest serving Fine Gael Taoiseach in Irish history. The party will now have to decide on their future leader and Taoiseach of Ireland.

Kenny has asked for his predecessor to be chosen by June 2nd and will step down as party leader effective immediately (midnight tonight). The Taoiseach wished to thank his family for their supportive over his 15-year reign as Fine Gael leader.

Here is Kenny's full announcement on Twitter before he met with the Fine Gael party:


Kenny's time in Irish government will be shadowed by his inability to deal with, and introduce water charges, the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar, the parties continued allowance of the Church to intervene in Irish politics in the wake of Repeal the 8th and the Gardaí whistleblower cases.


The positive side to Kenny's reign as Fine Gael leader was his "personal journey" that resulted in his support of the gay marriage referendum and his involvement in Queen Elizabeth's visit to Ireland in 2011, a pivotal moment in Irish- English relations. Enda Kenny has been Taoiseach for over 6 years.

The front runners to replace Kenny are Social Protection Minister Leo Varadkar and Housing Minister Simon Coveney.

Who do you think will be Irelands next Taoiseach? 


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