Theresa May Reveals Her 'Naughtiest' Moment And You May Need To Hide Your Cereal

Theresa May Reveals Her 'Naughtiest' Moment And You May Need To Hide Your Cereal

When politicians are in election mode, they have to be fully in the zone. They have to store tonnes of information on public policy and stats to back up their position, while also staying aware of their opponent’s viewpoint on every major issue in order to best them in debates and on the election trail. There are some questions, however, for which they just are not prepared for.

Theresa May called a snap election back in April so that she could strengthen Britain’s position at the negotiating table with the European Union on a Brexit deal. At the time she told the media: “Division in Westminster will risk our ability to make a success of Brexit ... So we need a general election and we need one now.”

Theresa may's Naughtiest Moment

While the Conservative Party’s lead appeared unassailable a few short months ago, this general election has been dominated by Jeremy Corbyn’s relentless surge in the polls as the Labour Party look to defeat them in this Thursday’s vote. The British Prime Minister, thinking she could walk back into Number 10, chose not to directly debate her opponents and has avoided public appearances, instead speaking mostly to crowds at private events.

May hasn’t fared much better with the media, who have challenged her repeatedly on her unwillingness to face Corbyn and the other party leaders, intimating that it doesn’t exactly show the kind of leadership needed to negotiate with the EU. Away from the serious grilling of the Tory leader, it turns out she doesn’t even have an answer for the soft balls thrown her way.

In an interview with ITV due to be aired on Tuesday night, May was asked a very innocuous question about what her naughtiest ever moment was. This was the best she could come up with off the top of her head:


Hide your Weetabix! There won’t be a chaff of wheat harvested on that farm for a week if the Tories do manage to win.

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