This Adorably Evil Toddler Trapped In A Car Is Our Spirit Animal

This Adorably Evil Toddler Trapped In A Car Is Our Spirit Animal

Brandon Emery who's a little over a year old left his mother in a state of pure panic after he locked himself in his mother's car. At least the toddler rescued by firemen seemed to be having a whale of a time.

Brandon's mother had placed her car keys in the boot while unloading her shopping and cheeky Brandon pressed down on the central locks inside the car, leaving her unable to get him out. Talking to The Daily Mail, Kirsty explained, 'I was a bit panicky at first, wondering how I was going to get him out, but luckily a few other shoppers quickly came to help me out.'

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The 'amazing' crew from Bude Community Fire Station in Cornwall, were quick to the scene and used small hand tools on the car to rescue the toddler. The gas thing is that throughout the entire process Brandon was wetting himself laughing and was as happy as could be.

According to Kirsty, the Fire crew did an amazing job at keeping Brandon entertained, 'they were amazing, and I think just as much as they were keeping Brandon entertained, he was equally making them laugh.'

In the end, Brandon was rescued safe and sound and the lads at the Fire Station were equally as delighted. They even made the image their Twitter profile picture.



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