Update: The Trinity Dining Hall Occupation Continues With Outdoor Concert

Update: The Trinity Dining Hall Occupation Continues With Outdoor Concert

It's day three of the dining hall occupation as campaigners, Trinity SU and students try to #takebacktrinity and negotiate the removal of the proposed €450 resit or repeat exam fee.

Last night #takebacktrinity was the most trending hashtag on Twitter after a private security firm, brought in by the college, closed off Trinity's dining hall. The strong 60 plus group were originally denied bathroom access but it was eventually negotiated, though it's understood they were still cut off from accessing food and water, other than the supplies they had with them. After the hashtag began to trend on Twitter more students arrived to help their peers protest and to deliver supplies to the group inside of the dining hall.

Private security attached alarm systems to the doors in and out of the Dining Hall which caused outrage. According to Twitter, private security was called into the college after campuses security guards allegedly refused to shut down the protest:

A rally took place in the Front Arch as students wanted to show solidarity to their comrades inside the dining hall:


TCD tweeted this morning that Provost Patrick Prendergast will have an urgent discussion about fees at next Board meeting:

Other students' unions, politicians, bloggers and famous faces shared the #takebacktrinity hashtag in solidarity and declared their anger at how the situation is being handled:


We asked the group how they were getting on and two beautiful protestors sent us this heartfelt tweet:

If you want to show solidarity with the students, a free open-air concert will take place from 1 pm today in Trinity to show support for the protestors. Click here to attend.

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