UCC Students Slammed For Anti-Social Behaviour

UCC Students Slammed For Anti-Social Behaviour

Residents in Cork have been complaining lately of the anti social behaviour carried out by students of the University College Of Cork.

Speaking to Brian O'Connell on the Sean O'Rourke show on RTE Radio One, residents of St Patrick's Terrace spoke of the issues they have faced with troublesome students:

We’ve been abused on the road, screamed at we’ve been told to eff off home and mind our own business, they do what they like that’s whats happening in this area.

I have four cameras in the house because of students damaging the cars on the road, my wife's car had been damaged twice the wing mirrors have been kicked off the cars. It’s a constant battle out here at the moment.

They’ll use your front garden as a toilet. This area was a much sought after area at one stage, the students have wrecked the area.

I'd love to be able to go to their parents house and carry on like they do and see how their parents like it because the parents don't give a damn, we’re like a babysitting service up here.

Another resident of St. Patrick's Terrace spoke to O'Connell about her experiences:

To be quite honest with you it gets worse and worse every year.

From about half eight it starts kicking off some nights it can be earlier and the drinking is non stop, there is drugs in the area. We’ve seen ourselves first-hand the condition of students coming out of houses, students also urinating, damaging property kicking over wheelie bins… numerous times [I've] replaced wing mirrors, aerials, bumpers on cars.

We feel we don't have enough Garda presence here,


When asked if the college should be held responsible for the behaviour of it's students outside of it's gates the woman said they should, as they are 'representing the college'.

O'Connell reported that UCC had made the addition of a Student Residential Services and Community Relations Officer to bridge the gap between the residents and the college authority and that they're in the process of developing strategies to tackle anti-social behaviour within the community.

H/T: Sean O'Rourke Show

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