UCD Impeachment Referendum Making Headlines In America

UCD Impeachment Referendum Making Headlines In America

Well-known right-wing news network Breitbart have published an article on the upcoming UCD impeachment referendum against current SU President Katie Ascough.

The article brings up the UCD president as well as next year's referendum on abortion:

The students who organised the petition to oust Ascough have alleged that her pro-life views have caused her to act undemocratically, pointing to the president’s decision not to attend an annual pro-abortion march, and accusing her of having denied extra funding to a pro-abortion group on campus.

Breitbart has often courted contoversy and was a backer of Donald Trump in last year's US Presidential election, with their executive chairman Steve Bannon famously serving as Trump's Chief Strategist in the White House, before stepping down in August.


The Impeachment Referendum will talke place in UCD on October 25 and 26.

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Eoin Lyons

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