Does This Dublin College's New Student Message Service Spell The End For Student Unions?

Does This Dublin College's New Student Message Service Spell The End For Student Unions?

Typically your campus's student union is where you'll go to get information about anything from exam times to accommodation to events and public service announcements. But what happens when that service turns digital? Could a new messaging service at UCD render student unions obsolete?

There's now a UCD instant messaging service that connects student advisors with students, Monday to Friday during office hours. It's hard to tell how this service is actually different to the service student unions provide - after all, can that face-to-face interaction really be replaced?

According to the University Observer, student advisor for Quinn students Jacqueline Levine said, 'UCD Student Advisors are always looking to ensure that we are approachable, accessible and as easy as possible to contact. Instant messaging is yet another channel to help us do this.'

UCD have taken on the new service to seemingly be down with the kids and answer straightforward questions in a flash. 'We hope that students will find our messaging system useful for that. Other students may have more complex issues that would benefit from a face to face meeting.'

However, the service isn't 24 hours and Levine stresses that it's not an emergency service line. So if you have a real emergency, head on over to the UCD website and find the contact for emergency situations.

We wonder if other colleges will offer similar services?


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