Irish College SUs Are Voting On Whether To Take A Pro-United Ireland Stance

Irish College SUs Are Voting On Whether To Take A Pro-United Ireland Stance

A united Ireland is one of the more controversial ongoing debates but does that mean student unions should take a stance? According to two Irish universities, the answer is yes. This week NUIG and UCD have asked students to determine what side the student union should be on: for or against the amalgamation of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. This basically means a united Ireland college vote = student union takes a pro stance.

UCD's Students Union will hold a referendum on March 7 and 8 to find out the answer to the question: “Should UCDSU have a pro-unity stance on a United Ireland?"

UCD Sinn Féin’s O’Connor/Humphreys Cumann claim they collected 1000 signatures “in little over 8 hours of petitioning", reports the University Observer.


NUIG will hold their own student referendum on the reunification of Ireland on March 2, says the Connacht Tribune, after the Sinn Fein society secured the required number of signatures by the student body.

It certainly is interesting but it does beg the question: does it matter what stance the student union takes?

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