Get Your Finger On The Pulse: Your Dream Career Is Just Around The Corner

Are you one of the lucky students about to embark on a college adventure? Maybe you dream of a career scoring movies or working with music legends? If music, film, games and animation takes your fancy, then why not make a career out of it? Pulse College in Dublin has a range of courses for those of you who want to take the creative path. Maybe you're thinking it's not a realistic option. NEWS ALERT! The world is your oyster and a creative career is waiting for you, my friend, here's how to get there...

1) This Is A Stepping Stone To Your Dream Job

They say "choose a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life". Who's to say that your love for movies can't be a career (are you the next Spielberg?), or if you're the music maniac of your friend group, then perhaps you could be the next superstar producer like Calvin Harris? LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!

2) Uni Isn't The Only Place To Get A Degree

Uni isn't the be all and end all! You can earn a degree in Pulse college in the line of Audio and Music, Film, Games Development and the most recent addition, Animation. These programmes are also done in collaboration with Uni's like DIT and Griffith so you know you are being looked after. You really are spoiled for choice in the hottest line of work. You never know, you could be the brainiac behind yet another Pokémon comeback in a decades time!

3) Learn From The Pros 


Who better to learn from than the professionals, after all?  In a creative college like Pulse, you'll be surrounded by established musicians, audio tech-wizards and film guru' to teach you all you need to know. Not only that, but you'll even get hands on experience in real recording studios and learn how to create your own music too! You could be picking up an IFTA, Oscar or Emmy just like some of their past graduates, in no time at all! *Begins writing Oscar speech*

4) Earn While You Learn

Most of us need some kind of job to get by during college. What better way to fund your social life than by doing what you love? You could pick up gigs working in studios, festivals or you could even nab a job working at Comic Con... It's all about experience and meeting the right people in the media industry. #Netwerkin'

5) It Could Open The Door To A Jet-Set Lifestyle

Have you ever followed the likes of Avicii on Snapchat and been like "damn, I want his life". The man is in a different place every week. One more exotic than the next. The beauty of this industry is that you can take your creativity anywhere in the world. Whether it's travelling around European cities playing music or filming on the set of GOT in Croatia, it's bound to be the adventure of a lifetime. Think of all of those glorious memories (and Instagrams shots) to be made along the way....


6) Songs To Cure Your Hangover

As a student you'll have very little to complain about, I mean it's a pretty sweet life. But having to drag yourself into a 9am lecture hungover AF is as bad as it gets for a student. Hand me the sunglasses and direct me to the soundproof booth where I can play soul soothing music to cure my fragile head! You'll never dread a morning of college if you're heading into a recording studio to play music or work on a new game. You might even have some inspiration from your antics the night before...

7) The 'Art' Of Dressing

So, as a student, you can dress like a complete hobo and it's totally acceptable. But after college, certain career paths that you choose may not allow such fashion faux pas or self-expression. However, if you're a producer, working backstage as an audio technician, or the artist behind animation creations like Family Guy, wear what you like. Just another perk of the job!


8) The Perks Of The Job Are Unrivaled

Working in a pretty cool industry like this one means you're gonna meet some A-listers! Between music, movies and gaming, there's no end to the possibilities of fun. From musicians to movie stars, you could soon be on the star-studded guest list to the hottest events. S'aaall about networking people, so just get out there.

9) You'll Have A Career With Endless Possibilities

Media is one of the few industries constantly advancing. If you work hard and are passionate, you'll be doing something you love and someday, hopefully, have endless opportunities all over the world. Forget another boring day in the office, you've got the world at your feet now.

10) And Eh, Lady Gaga Might Drop By

Pulse College in Dublin has been graced with the presence of some of the biggest names in the music industry. Not to name drop buuuut Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Hozier and Kings of Leon are just a few of the legends to pop into the famous recording studios. You could be passing the likes of these talents all throughout your time at Pulse college. Who knows... you might even be recording there one day yourself!

Your dream career is at your fingertips. Go for it and find out more today. To discover more about courses in creative media at Pulse College, see their website here or visit their campus yourself on their next open morning on Saturday 27th August. Click here to register in advance or if you'd like them to contact you give your email here!

Michelle Murphy

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