Hungover And Hangry: 7 Times You Really Could've Used Some Extra Data

We've all been there. You get that dreaded message of  data rejection from your network and of course, it happens when you needed it the most. Well, fear not my frugal little pals, you won't be receiving that soul sucking message if and when you sign up with iD.  What's iD, I hear you ask? Oh, just a killer new network who offer a whopping 30GB of data every time you top up with just 15 quid is all. Sign me up Scotty and let none of the following moments ever happen again, I say!

1) Uber awkward...


Waking up after that boozy shameless night out with not a clue of where the hell you are? Not a chance you're going to start the walk of shame home looking like the grudge- oh NO. What you need right now is an Uber to be your knight in shining armour, but nope, of course, your data is gone and you're left like a tumbleweed in the middle of nowhere with no way home. Help me, I'm poor.

2) When you're streaming your fave show and then....NOTHING!



You get stuck into the finale of GOT and boo- your data runs out and you're left hanging on mid bloody battle. Excuse me please, what is this? I need to see Jon Snow and nothing else will do, iD, save me?

3) Uploading your 74 selfies on Instagram.


So you've lashed on a face of makeup that even Kim K couldn't beat, but your data's gone and your moment of becoming a real #MUA has gone undocumented to the world. Did it even happen if you didn't post it to Instagram? No, the answer is no, it did not.


4) The hungover Snapchat chronicles.


Last night a bit of a blur, was it? I'm sure I have regrettably documented it all on my story *swiftly deletes story*. On the flip side, though, the only thing entertaining about a hangover is documenting it. If you have no data to play with when you're hungover, you might as well just go into hibernation and never come back out again- just saying.

5) For when hunger threatens to consume you.



If the hangover can't be cured, then at least the hunger can. All you're asking for is every fast food takeaway within a 4-mile radius to deliver their deep fried goods to you but oh wait, you're suddenly data-less and I don't think JustEat do smoke signals. Worth a shot anyway, perhaps?

6) Whatsapp means- what's up, peeps?


Whether it's the group trying to organise something, despite everyone being an insufferable human being (that's not so bad to miss, in fairness) or when the blanks are being filled in from last night's antics- you NEED to be active in that group chat right now. You're missing so much. You're needy. You're alone... And worst of all, when you come back, there's going to be two breakups, 1 missing person and 75 screenshots to catch up on- aka, all of the drama and none of the data.

7) YouTube for all of the cats...

For when you just want to be a weirdo and look up cat videos, epic fails and falls to make yourself feel better. Needy much? Yes, I am, so if you'd like to stop judging me right now, I have cats being scared by cucumbers awaiting me- kay thanks.


For more information on iD and their amazing data offers, click here - http://www.idmobile.ie/prepay. Terms and conditions apply.

Michelle Murphy

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