5 Reasons You And Your Mates Need To Visit Krakow

5 Reasons You And Your Mates Need To Visit Krakow

We all deserve a holiday from time to time and with Ryanair flights being so cheap, who can resist? We all know about the popular tourist destinations like Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague and more but Krakow is so underrated and it shouldn't be! Krakow is brimming with history, beautiful sights, good food and ahem, vodka. It's cheap and beautiful and they're exactly the characteristics that make for a brilliant trip with your mates. Here are _ reasons why you need to go there asap.


According to, Krakow is one of the cheapest places for cost of living in general. A pint costs approximately €1.50. We can't really argue with that can we? Accommodation is cheap too with some really trendy hostels around. The average cost for a night in a hostel in Krakow is approx €10-15. You can find some really cool places to stay here. It's cheap to get there too with our lovely Ryanair always having seat sales you really have no excuse not to go! Another thing that will cut back your spending big time is that you can get around Krakow on foot. No need to be buying tram/bus tickets. How handy is that?

Given the fact that getting there and staying there is so cheap, it gives you plenty of wiggle room to spend your hard earned cash on some tourist attractions, nightlife or whatever takes your fancy.



It's no surprise to anyone that Krakow is bursting with history. Take a day trip to Auschwitz Concentration Camp. This camp was established after the Nazi invasion in 1939 and it is perhaps the most notorious death camp. You can take guided tours there which really allow you to soak up all the history. Visit the Jewish quarter by the name of Kazimierz which is situated just south of the Old Town. Here you will find reams of history along with a great cafe culture and great beer houses and incredible synagogues.


Speaking of beer houses. Krakow holds an incredible nightlife, are we surprised though? It is the home of vodka to be fair. Go on a pub crawl and taste all the different flavours of vodka that there is to taste. Get me a plane ticket right now!


Even if you aren't a foodie, don't worry, Poland will have something to suit everyone. One of their most popular dishes is called Pierogis. They are dumplings filled with almost anything you want. From dough dumplings filled with everything from chocolate to cheese, sign me up, I need that kind of food in my life. Kielbasa is another dish to have on the to-eat list.



The Parks

Take a stroll around one of the many parks around Krakow and get in touch with nature again. They are fab places to hang out. Get a picnic together and go chill in the park, what a good way to cure your hangover from the amount of wodka you consumed the night before!

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