The Cheapest Day Of The Year To Fly In Summer 2017 Has Been Revealed

The Cheapest Day Of The Year To Fly In Summer 2017 Has Been Revealed

Well pack your bags lads, as it looks like there's going to be some super cheap flights up for grabs. Apparently the first two weeks in June are the cheapest to fly to your summer destination of choice.

The cheapest day however to get your tan on has been revealed as, drum roll please...June 6th! Yes, speaking to Conde Nast Traveller CEO of Jeff Klee explained why this is the cheapest time;

'Summer 2017 is shaping up to be slightly less expensive on average than what we saw in airfare pricing last year at this time...the best value for summer travel can be found the first half of June.'

Woohoo, sounds great to us. However, if June isn't your ideal month Jeff also spilled the beans on the other dates that will be cheaper than usual. In July, the 4th is generally the cheapest day to fly, although it's still pricier than other times of the year. Following this, Anytime from August 22nd on is where you're going to get nice getaways on the cheap.

To top it all off with some travelling tips, Jeff revealed that Tuesday and Wednesdays are always the cheapest days to fly on. So come on lads, get booking that holiday!




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