Good God! Ryanair Are Offering Flights For €4.99 For Today Only

Good God! Ryanair Are Offering Flights For €4.99 For Today Only

Ryanair are trying their hardest to make you have a holiday. They seem really, absolutely, completely and utterly focused on removing as many of the financial barriers as possible between yourself and being somewhere as exotic as Paris or even Leeds. Indeed, so fervent appears their desire to get you to sojourn that one can imagine Michael O'Leary is now on the verge of ringing up each of Ryanair's previous customers individually and personally offering them a piggy-back to a destination of their choosing.

Today marks the second day of their Black Friday sale, which started yesterday and will run until Friday, where they are offering seats from €4.99 comprehensively proving that Ryanair neither understand the definition of a 'Friday' being a 24 hour window nor do they possess any remaining business acumen. If you sit quietly I think you can almost hear the sound of the Ryanair accountants weeping as news of this sale reaches them.

I feel I should hasten to add, this is in no way a sponsored article, I've just become aware that the frivolous angle I've taken to try put some jovial spin on reporting this has sort of back-fired and perhaps come across as some attempt at 'zany PR'. It's not, but I'm too committed to this style in the article to back out now.

Anyway, today's sale comprises roughly 100,000 seats being offered from as little as €4.99, which, I think we can all agree, is silly money. Flights at these prices are available from four different airports; Dublin, Cork, Shannon and Kerry and there is a very impressive range of destinations on offer.

If you want to fly to Brussels you have not one, but two choices yo'! You could either fly to 'Brussels' or to 'Brussels Charleroi', each for €4.99. What's the difference I hear you ask? I just don't know and I simply don't have the time to check as I am in too much of a tizzy trying to report to you news of all these incredible sales, so please allow me to continue for your own good.


You could head to Paris, Edinburgh, Cologne, Hamburg, Eindhoven, London, Munich or, if you hate yourself, East Midlands airport all for €4.99. But the window for ya to book will (metaphorically) slam shut at midnight tonight, before Ryanair announce whatever fiscally inadvisable madness they have planned for tomorrow.

Visit their website to get on this.

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Rory McNab

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