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The 13 Struggles Every Arts Student Faces During A Tutorial

The 13 Struggles Every Arts Student Faces During A Tutorial

College tutorials are the bane of every college student's experience. If you've never sat through one then consider yourself blessed. On paper it sounds interesting but, in reality, it's a farce and you and everyone else in the classroom is in on it. The best thing you can hope for is a sound tutor who'll let your brain farts slide. Here are the 13 struggles of college tutorials that all Arts students will relate to:

1) Choosing the right time for your tutorial so it doesn't interfere with your drinking time

2) Being asked a question about this week's reading and waffling harder than your Leaving Cert English Paper 1 mock exam

3) Tallying up how much you need to contribute and go to class in order to get a decent mark

4) Trying to decode your lecturer who likes to compare things like 19th-century political division to Beyoncé


5) Frequently using a word you don't really know 'cause it sounds good in your head

6) Internally sobbing when the lecturer makes you all move seats "to get to know each other"

7) Being split into groups to discuss 'this week's material'

8) Being asked to do a group project with your sworn enemy


9) Answering a simple question from your tutor so you have a get out of jail free card for the tougher questions later on

10) Getting stung with the worst topic to do a presentation on and wondering why the hell you're in college

11) Turning up to class after a few scoops in the SU bar and hoping nobody can smell the drink off you

12) Nodding your head when your tutor asks if everyone understands the material only for the tutor to read your clueless face and call you out

13) Needing to go the bathroom but not knowing if you're past the age of asking can you go to the toilet

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