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This SU President Changed Exam Dates So Students Wouldn't Miss Race-Day

This SU President Changed Exam Dates So Students Wouldn't Miss Race-Day

Student Race-day is one of the biggest days of the year for College Students. It's where betting, drinking, dressing up and horses all come together in one big happy student haven, ending with one of the best nights out of the college year.

This year, the blessed day unfortunately fell on the same day of marketing repeats for many students in Cork Institute of Technology - the 21st of March. This would have meant that over one hundred students would be affected, and unable to join in on the craic of race-day with their pals.

With this awful news, CIT's Student Union President took it upon himself to use his powers for good, and get these students to the ball!

He posted to the Student Union's Facebook explaining the tragedy that has hit the campus, and encouraged all who were affected to email him with formal complaints, asking the date to be moved to one that didn't land on the 21st of March.

Aaron Buckley, Student Union President of Cork Institute, really showed what SU Presidents are all about.


After just 16 hours of emails flooding his inbox, he posted again, thanking the 50 students who contacted him over the issue asking for it to be resolved.

With the students help and passionate emails, Mr.Buckley was able to convince lecturers and the College to change the dates of the repeat exams.


I am delighted to announce that I have been successful in changing the second year marketing exam to an alternative date other then the momentous occasion that is the Student Race Day.

It’s important to remember that you can repeat your exams but you can’t repeat the Craic with the lads. Enjoy the races ??

This guy probably has a fair chance at running for President with that kind of attitude, Fair Play A-a-ron.

Enjoy race-day kids!

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