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Leaving Cert Breakdown: These 5 Higher Subjects Had The Highest Proportion Of H1s

Leaving Cert Breakdown: These 5 Higher Subjects Had The Highest Proportion Of H1s

For students looking to choose their Leaving Cert subjects for the upcoming year - or for those who've already completed their Leaving Cert, perhaps many years ago, but take a perverse interest in its goings on and the comfort that they never have to deal with it, or any of its associated stresses ever again - you may like to know which subjects statistically had the highest proportion of their students achieve a H1. If you count yourself in either of these aforementioned categories then hot holy hell have you found yourself in the right article as covering that very subject matter constitutes this article's raison d'etre.

The five subjects wherein the highest proportion of students sitting the 2018 Leaving Cert achieved an H1 are as follows:

1) Russian - 63.7%

With only 350 people studying this subject, Russian has one of the lowest numbers of participants, and with no fail rates for the last two years, it seems to be doing well. 63.7% percent of the students sitting this exam received a H1 in the subject, giving it the highest amount of top marks out of all the subjects this year. Only 0.9 of student managed to get a H7, which still awards them 37 points. No students received a H8.

2) Modern Greek - 33.3%

Only 18 people studied Modern Greek this year, making it one of the lowest studied subjects in the country. As well as that, it has no fail rate either. 33.3% of the students sitting the exam successfully got a H1 in the subject, awarding them 100 points in the CAO. Along with that, only 5.6 percent got a H7 in the subject. Πήρες Α στο τεστ; Συγχαρητήρια!

3) Croatian - 27.7%


Again, with a shockingly low number of participants, Croatian also got a 0% fail rate on the exam. The 47 people who sat the exam all faired pretty well, with the majority (29.8%) getting a H2 in the exam, and 27.7% a H1. 2.1% managed to get a H7, and 0% a H8.

4) Dutch - 27.6%

Another low number of participants, with only 29 students who sat this exam, and not a single one of them managed to fail and were all awarded points for the CAO system. 27.6% of students got full marks on the exam, and only 3.4% got a H7.

5) Ancient Greek - 25%

With the lowest number of students who sat this exam out of all the other subjects, (only 12) these students must really love the language because not a single paper was left with zero marks. 25% received a H1, 8.3% got a H2, 25% got a H3, and zero percent of people got a H7 or a H8.

Congratulations to all those students who achieved H1s, and to all the others. It seems that if you're looking to get a H1 in a subject the most sure-fire way of doing so is by picking a language. Though to be fair, given the low numbers studying these subjects it is perfectly fair to assume that those that did have some connection to the country and presumably already have significant experience in the language, or, in the case of Ancient Greek, a time-machine and a lot of love for using it in the most mundane of ways.

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