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Love Island's Dr. Alex Face Of New Campaign To Raise Awareness For Student's Mental Health

Love Island's Dr. Alex Face Of New Campaign To Raise Awareness For Student's Mental Health

Dr. Alex George has become one of the main faces for a new Instagram campaign that sets out to help students who are suffering with mental health issues caused by the stress of exams and exam results.

The campaign, that you can find using the hashtag #GramFam on Instagram, is a series of Instazines (Instagram magazines) set up by two major mental health charities, CALM and The Mix, who hope to use social media and the help of different celebrities and influencers to help spread support during exam times.

Dr. Alex George from Love Island is one of the biggest faces helping the campaign, offering his advice and personal exam stories to help students not feel like they've to suffer in silence.

Dr. Alex, among others such as Reggie Yates, James McVey from The Vamps, DJ Neev, Jack Rooke, Molly Fleming, and Eve Bennett, share their exam stories and aim to relieve the pressure that many exam students feel around exam results.

The two major charities, The Mix and CALM (The Campaign Against Living Miserably), who help to support young people and their mental health, began this initiative to encourage young people to share their exam stories, as well as using familiar faces to spread the word.

Dr. Alex gave some helpful advice from a personal, as well as a medical, point of view on the issue.

“I can remember from when I was doing my exams, that I felt loads of pressure because I wanted to go to medical school, I wanted to become a doctor, and I found those times very difficult, I felt a lot of stress and anxiety around exam time, and for me, regular exercise, sport, playing football, going to the gym, or for a run, I found very helpful to alleviate stress at that time.


Also talk about your stress. Speak to your friends or your family. Most of all, remember exams are important but your health and well-being is even more important. So best of luck, and I hope your results go well.”

With Leaving Cert results coming out tomorrow, many students around the country are feeling the pressure to do well, but this campaign aims to tell students that these results don’t define you and that there’s more to life than what letters are printed on the sheet.

If you want to share your experiences or offer advice, use the #GramFam on Instagram to spread the word.

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