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9 Moments That Shook Every Noughties Secondary School Student In Ireland

9 Moments That Shook Every Noughties Secondary School Student In Ireland

The life and times of a secondary school student are never given enough credit. A rollercoaster experience like none other, Irish schools have a particular way of 'nurturing' your teenage self that ends up leaving you shook 90% of the time:

1. The Irish aural tape

No matter how prepared you are nobody is ready for that Donegal accent.

2. Pretending your homework's done

Only to be asked by your teacher to read it out loud, hand up your copybook or hastily write down answers as your teacher walks around the room checking the answers. Queue an Oscar-winning performance you've literally just pulled out of your arse.

3. The oral exam


Shout out to the elderly invigilator who had to listen to one million Aisling, Geraoid and Maeve's discuss going to the cinema with friends on the weekend as their hobby. If you were lucky you didn't mix your French with your Irish.

4. Getting caught by a teacher doing one of these three: Mitching, smoking or drinking

Aka the end of your life as you know it.

5. Bebo

The dumping ground for all your teen angst and emotions, Bebo was the projection of your life. A shady but useful tool, you could spot drama in a friend group with a single glance of their top 16/32 and emotionally manipulate your love.


6. After school fights

No school day was complete without someone challenging someone to an after-school fight with the classic line "meet me after school then!". Popcorn at the ready.

7. Finding a debs date

If times got hard you were willing to ask your friends' boyfriends friends second cousin, twice removed. Going it alone was never an option.

8. The impossible substitute teacher


Substitute teachers are known for being notorious slackers but once in a while, you'd get that one person intent on ruining your life.

9. The Fire Alarm

The ultimate shook moment was the fire alarm. 9 out of 10 times it was a lone wolf lurking the halls or the rare time your Principal decided to have a fire drill.

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