15 Annoying People You Definitely Don't Want To Sit Beside In A Lecture

15 Annoying People You Definitely Don't Want To Sit Beside In A Lecture

Lectures are an unfortunate part of the college experience.

With all the socialising that goes on in college, lectures can sometimes take a back seat. Actually being bothered to go to lectures is hard enough without those really irritating people who are present in every single one.

From the know-it-all to the mature student to the frantic writer, there are the same type of people in every lecture across the country. We've rounded up a list of the same irritating people you will find in every lecture you'll ever attend.

1. The mature student

They've decided to come back to college and are giving it 200%, unfortunately they wreck everyone's head and come across as way too eager.


2. The know-it-all


Putting up their hand every five minutes, answering every question before it's even been asked – yep, we hate them.


3. The sleeper

They were probably out on the session and/or stayed up all night watching Netflix.


4. The frantic writer


That one person who seems to be writing a transcript of what the lecturer is saying – chill out.


5. The Facebook-open-on-their-laptop-to-distract-everyone person

This person will distract everyone by stalking various people on Facebook.


6. The talker


I think we're all guilty of this one, those giddy people chatting down the back talking shite.


7. The person who strolls in late

They have clearly never heard of an alarm and piss off the lecturer as a result.


8. The person who always sits at the front (lickarse)


Shit craic.

9. The back row crew

If you proceed to sit in the back row, the crew will tear a hole in the bottom of your bag.


10. The eater

Crisps, sweets, basically anything wrapped that will make LOADS of noise.



11. The doodler

Instead of taking notes they draw masterpieces.


12. The messer

Taking Snapchats with every filter under the sun and generally causing a ruckus.




13. The discuss-er

They proceed to talk about the meaning of life with the lecturer and make it go on for an extra 20 minutes.


14. The toilet break-er


They get up every fifteen minutes to use the toilet and stand on your feet every single time.


15. You

Let's be honest we can all tick at least three of these traits off the list.



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Ciara Finnegan

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